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I am sure most if not all of you are quite familiar with Naptown Pintcast. I had the distinct honor and privilege to be invited to participate in Liz Murphy’s Pintcast with none other than Cindy Mullikin, owner of Mully’s Brewery and the President of the Brewer’s Association of Maryland. The format involved drinking beer, while discussing beer. One of my favorite things to do!

As you can imagine there was quite a bit to chat about. Cindy Mullikin as many of you know is the very first female President of BAM, and she is responsible for some fabulous award winning beer coming out her plant in Prince Frederick. Cindy hosted us, and these incredible brews are of course on tap and in our glasses during this engaging conversation on women in beer. The Hazy III as most of you know is a brilliant NEIPA that is a surprising 10%,  and a trip tp Prince Frederick will definitely be worth your while for the host of beers from the Shucker Stout to the Patuxent Pale- of which we sampled our share!

A HUGE thank you to the incomparable Liz Murphy for her time and talents, and quite frankly the invitation to be a part of her legacy of pint casts! Here is the link to the pintcast- Enjoy!

Be sure to keep up with Liz in all her amazing beer travels and conversations at Naptown Pint.



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  1. Hey Maureen, just a shout out to say that I just picked up your latest book, Beer in Maryland. Looking forward to reading through it. Also, I’m not sure if you will be attending the 2018 Beer Bloggers & Writers Conference in Sterling VA next month (if not, you should) but Carla Jean Lauter (The Beer Babe) will be moderating a session on the lack of diversity in craft beer. Prost! ~Jack


    1. Thanks Jack! Sorry for the delayed response- I have literally been ankle deep in a basement flood. I am trying to squeeze Friday off to make it to the conference- I should know today. I hope you are enjoying the book!

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