Maryland Craft Beer Awards

Welcome to a new site page I have added celebrating our award winning Maryland Craft Beer. Annually I relay the winners at the GABF and the Comptroller’s Cup but it is time they have a page dedicated to the awards they receive from across the globe. Congratulations on your victories as they are well deserved. Cheers!

RavenBeer Receives 3 “Exceptional” Ratings in the 2019
World Beer Championships

1) RavenBeer (MD) Pendulum Pilsner, 91 Points, Gold Medal, “Exceptional”
2) RavenBeer (MD) 20th Anniversary Raven Special Lager Premium, 92 Points, Gold Medal, “Exceptional”
3) RavenBeer (MD) Raven Special Lager, 94 Points, Gold Medal, “Exceptional”

RavenBeer Receives 3 Gold Medals and 1 Silver Medal in 2018
International Beer Packaging Competition

1) RavenBeer (MD) 20th Anniversary RavenSpecial Lager Premium Edition Paper Label. Gold Medal
2) RavenBeer (MD) The Imp and the Madhouse Oyster Stout Tap Handle. Gold Medal, “Best Tap Handle”
3) RavenBeer (MD) The Imp and the Madhouse Oyster Stout Paper Label. Gold Medal, “Best Paper Label”
4) RavenBeer (MD) Four Poes in a Box Case Packaging. Silver Medal, “Best Case”