Kicking Off 2023

A preview of the positive changes ahead for Maryland’s craft alcohol manufacturers.

Prospect Point Farm Brewery

A new Frederick farm brewery has opened, Prospect Point. It is a site to behold, and a beer to be shared!

BALTIMORE MAGAZINE: Checkerspot Brewing Revives 200-Year-Old Beer Recipes for Women’s History Month

This weekend, historian Maureen O’Prey joins owner Judy Neff to share the legacy of brewer Mary Eaton. By Grace Hebron | March 3, 2022, 05:03 pm Author and brewer Mary Eaton took a no-nonsense approach to crafting high-caliber beer.  “What an amazing human being and what a stickler for quality,” says Maureen O’Prey, historian and author of Beer in Maryland and Brewing…

Hoppy Holidays!

It is the time of year for gatherings and gratitude, forgiveness and transitions, revelry and redemption. It is after all the holidays! While we have certainly ushered in the craft beer era in Maryland over the past decade, the joy of a new brewery opening can be bittersweet when mingled with another brewery closing.  COVID-19…


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