Checkerspot Brewing Co

I am sharing my good fortune today. Last night I was honored to get a sneak peek at the newest Baltimore Brewery- Checkerspot. It is ideally located on Sharp and Ostend, just a few minutes walk from both Raven’s stadium and Oriole Park.  The owners, Judy Neff, Rob Neff, and cask whisperer Steve Marsh are friends that I am humbled and privileged to know. My goodness do they make fabulous beer!

The brewery is still in process, and about two months or so from completion. Every brewery in Maryland is built in the image of its founder’s vision. Checkerspot, as it nears completion is revealing the personality of it’s founders bit by bit, from the two story taproom to the mastery over space, light, and function.  Perhaps I am a bit of a romantic when it comes to Maryland breweries, and the twilight tour during Baltimore’s blackout added to the mystique; but the aura of the brewery had already begun to emerge without a single drop of water in the brew kettle.

20180302_174312_001Once the beer begins to flow, I have no doubt that Judy, Rob and Steve will emerge from the cocoon of construction and soar from the chrysalis like the beautiful, unique butterfly they have chosen as their namesake. Small batch, hand crafted local beer, made with local ingredients will take center stage. Their special brand of liquid gold will join the ranks of the great Maryland breweries that dot the landscape from the mountains of Cumberland, to the shores of the Atlantic Ocean.

Cheers to great beer!


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